Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Worst Drinking water In India

Here an article in Times of India the Identifies Cities of India the worst drinking water .As rated by 24/7 Hindu using the data of WHO. Now every cities in India having bad water . That water you can not drink or if you drink it may harm your health .The drinking water quality and yet still distribute harmful contaminants to their customers.The only way you can be certain you are drinking healthy water is to be proactive. This means looking at your local water report and determining which water filter will actually remove the contaminants in your water. Many people buy the wrong filter … thinking that any filter will make their water healthy. In this case you will still be drinking contaminated water. The best water filter is the one that removes the contaminants in your water. The drought in Gorakhpur in also worsening water quality in that state. In particular Fresno and the central valley have incredibly dangerous levels of nitrates. Likewise cities in southern California receiving water from the Delta are also anticipated to have declining water quality.

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