Thursday, June 5, 2014

Buy water purifier at best prices

Hi Everyone Well today I am coming some new topics how you can buy a quality water purifier from the market . There are so many water purifier in the market .Well I purchased the water purifier from a branded company . No maintenance has ever been carried out on the Aquaguard, even though based in one from Aquaguard had ever visited in the last 8 years to service the water purifier, including the period it was under warranty. The purifier happily churned out 'purified water', I do not know how effective it was in purifying water, since none of the internal components had ever been serviced or changed in the last 8 years. However, the lights on the Purifier have always turned from red to yellow to green when switched on, which according to Eureka Forbes, indicates everything is good to go and purified water flowing from the Aquaguard was safe to drink. The only thing that did stop working was the music, the device decided to stop playing music when the water flowed after a few years. So I began to do some research on the types of purifiers available in the market today. The most popular purifier manufacturers appeared to be Kent, Zero B (Ion Exchange), Aquaguard (Eureka Forbes) and Pureit (Hindustan Unilever). Others available included Philips, Whirlpool,Idoneo, Tata and Nasaka. It also seemed that Reverse Osmosis (RO) purifiers were becoming more popular, even though they were much more expensive than the UV filters, usually costing more than twice the price of the most expensive UV filters. I initially shortlisted Idoneo and Zero B, Idoneo had the most print and TV ad presence.I realized i took a right decision choosing Idoneo water purifier . Servicing on top class. They guys more dedicated for their work. I recomnde choose idoneo water purifier

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